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About me

Ever since I can remember I loved traveling. Already as a child, I was always wandering around the village with neighboring friends.: I went to the forest and the riverbank, collected the field flowers, and then gave it to my mother with a smile from ear to ear. Many years have passed since then, but my passion for traveling has not diminished or even increased.

I have successfully completed college with an economics degree in my pocket. I started building my career in Marketing & Communication field. I worked a lot, while I was traveling, but first I was busy with my professional development and career. From the outside, I lived carelessly until I found myself struggling with a serious illness at the age of thirty-two, which hit me like a lightning strike. Thanks to God, I have been fully recovered from it but the time I went through was a watershed in my life in many ways, and as a result, I have significantly reassessed my life. I realized I want to see the whole world and discover the invisible parts of it.

“Whenever I travel, I feel the most I am alive. I feel lucky to get a second chance from life which doesn’t go for everyone.”

Diving also plays an important role in my life for 10 years and I aim to combine it with traveling. When I’m under the surface new horizons and depths open to me. Everything ceases; space and time. Blogging is primarily a personal motivation for me, as I found that, as the age progressed, and probably due to my former disease, but the beautiful memories unfortunately quickly wear out. Especially if one, like me, is constantly looking for new things, then the old memories are inevitably overwritten and forgotten.

By writing and sharing my travel experiences, I would like to preserve not only my memories but also the scents, feelings and colors I experienced in that particular place. The articles here are not meant to be standard travel logs, but rather a collection of interesting stories that whilst reading you may feel you are participating in the story and traveling with me.

Thank you for keeping me on the road and following my travel stories!

Have a nice day!

♡ Orsi ♡