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Something new, something old, something blue. 2021 year-end thoughts

When I sat down in front of the computer monitor to think over the highlights of the year, I focused primarily on the travel experiences. Like a good farmer who throws out the rotten fruits and puts the most beautiful pieces in a jar. Thus, the family can open it up around the table in the winter and eat them as delicious delicacies for meals. But just like a tree, bush or flower, life doesn’t just create perfect things and leave them to memory.

If I had to describe my year in one word, I’d say 2021 was the year of arrival. Why I say this, and to put the term in context, I go back in time a little bit. When I quit my job 2 years ago with the intention that I would now like to work as a full-time travel blogger, I didn’t really know what I was getting into. I just had a strong inner urge and a dream of how good it would be to do that. After all, when I travel, I really feel like I’m alive. And recovering from cancer I got a second chance at life, so I should really grab it.

Months passed, years passed, and I just went ahead on the road. I never, for a minute, wondered if I made a good decision when I dived into the unknown and changed my life. I simply trusted my intuitions, myself, while receiving a lot of love and encouragement from family, friends and strangers.

We tend to blame social media for its harmful effects. But I received almost only positive feedbacks. Maybe it’s because readers feel that all things I do, I do it with love. I am a person who puts her heart into things, of course besides sharing meaningful content. It doesn’t matter if it’s a foreign or luxury trip or domestic travel. The point is the same: to travel is to live.

In 2021, thanks to this approach, tens of thousands of readers joined me. Through my conscientious work I was given the opportunity to work with large companies, travel agencies, and partners. With people who trusted and believed in me and with whose support I got to fantastic places, I had only dreamed of before. In 2021, the fruits of my work are ripe. I’ve arrived. I’m in a good place.

Of course, the work is not over, as the “garden” needs to be cared for to produce delicious fruit again. But whatever the future brings, no matter how large and varied the garden is, I can promise I do things and accept collaborations, which are 100% self-identical. Weeds are not my world, although from time to time they try to get through my fence.

It was a long and bumpy road until I realized what is right in my garden and what is not. If it were to be quantified, nearly 2,600 km. That is the length of the National Blue Trail, the district of Hungary, which I hiked in 2021. I made this trip largely alone; it was a conscious decision. For me, hiking, no matter how spiritual, was not just about getting to know the sights and Hungary. It was also an inner journey that brought a lot of positive learnings and set me off on another journey. For one must take care not only of the body, but also the soul from time to time.

I had many unforgettable moments in 2021. Ups and downs. Personal disappointments and pleasant surprises. I learned a lot about myself. About the world around me. How to say no.  I learnt also even if I feel alone, I’m never really alone. I recognised how important it is to be present. How to live. How to dare to live. And how to live well. For the following moments I share with you now, I was so grateful in 2021.

Hiking in Georgia, in the heart of the Caucasus. The road to the Ushba Glacier was wonderful through this pine forest. When I close my eyes, I can almost again smell the trees and see the many mushrooms.
During my Great Plain hiking, this moment was the most memorable near Biharugra. The sight and sound of thousands of wild geese was truly fabulous. I admired them so much that I accidentally lost my phone. It fell out of my coat, but luckily I found it later with my headlamp.
In Albania, our accommodation was specifically in the castle of Berat, where the road led through a cobblestone narrow arch. We barely dared to drive through; we couldn’t believe our eyes that we really had to come here. Upon arrival, we had our lamb and goat dinner at a nearby restaurant, accompanied by a few glasses of fine red wine. It was a magical evening, the night silence of which was interwoven with the song of the muezzin.
In Slovenia, exploring the Skocjan Cave was both goosebumps and an awesome experience. In many places, a depth of 50 meters gaped beneath my feet, while on the opposite side I saw the remains of the former stairs left behind by the first explorers of the cave. To see the power of nature so close and from first-hand was a great moment in 2021. Photo source: Škocjan Caves Park, created by Borut Lozej
I have never thought I was going to hike in the snow once in summer. All this happened in Montenegro, though the terrain was quite difficult, which no one expected. In this outfit and equipment, I didn’t climb to the top of Bobotov Kuk, but the hiking remains memorable. We made water out of the snow because we run out of water. Fortunately, it didn’t cause any health problems afterward.
In 2021, I finally got to one of the most remote corners of Hungary, Őrség, where I spent four wonderful days. I visited the wooden bell towers, got to know the secret world of the swamps, and tasted a lot of delicacies, like pumpkin seed oil ice cream.
Drinking a cocktail from a pineapple in Malta’s amazing Blue Lagoon was one of my best beach experiences in 2021. Luckily, the bay was almost empty in the morning, I was able to enjoy not only the taste of the coctail, but also the sight of the turquoise water undisturbed.
Finishing the 2600 km long National Blue Trail was my greatest moment and performance of the year without a doubt. In addition to the learnings, I wrote earlier, I am obviously proud that I became the first woman in Hungary, who complete the whole track within a year and exclusively on foot.
Sitting on the roof terrace of Istanbul, with the Hagia Sophia on one side and the Sultanahmet (Blue) Mosque on the other, was so amazing. Plus the atmosphere was crowned by the sight of seagulls screaming over my head and the Bosphorus. I will never forget it.
In the green heart of Austria, Styria, I learned what makes alpine grass green. Well, not from the rain, as I would have thought, although the water and the cows have something to do with it 🙂 I also took my mom with me on this trip, as giving time, love and care to those we love the most, is the best thing in the world. And to travel, live and share experiences with others is at least as good!

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