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To Travel is to Live

Discover the world through my travel stories!

Cicmany, a hidden gem of Slovakia

Many adjectives can be used for this small Slovak settlement. You could say it’s an enchanted fairy tale village in which every house looks like gingerbread or a lace perfection. One thing is...

10 beautiful places around Eger city

Hearing the name of Heves County, most people automatically think of Eger, which is not surprising. With its legendary “Turkish beater” castle, cobbled streets and charming downtown, the...

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About me

Hi! I’m Orsi, owner and editor of Traveladdict.hu. I've always loved traveling since I was a child until a disease turned my life upside down. I have been diagnosed with cancer.

After I recovered I realized I want to collect memories instead of things because whenever I travel I feel the most like I’m alive. I've got a second chance to live and I will not lose it this time.

Discover the world through my stories and keep up with me on the road!

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